Start Your Story
The Portal
Take time to explore the portal. To get back to the home page at any point, click on the “Episode” logo in the upper left corner. The portal includes advanced tutorial guides and sample stories: Hollywood Crush, and Stranded.
Create Your Story
Tap the link “New Story”
Enter a Title for your story. This is what readers will see in the Episode Catalog
Tap “Create Story”
Create Characters
On your story page, tap the link in the upper right for “Characters”.
Tap “Create New Character” for a list of body templates.
Face & hair is changeable, so just pick a body type that fits the character.
Give your character a Name. This is how you refer to your character in the script.
This can differ from how players see your character’s name; you could use “BOBBY” in the script, but players could see “Bobby Baloney”.
Save this character
Design The Character
Next is a menu with options to edit this character. You can change these at any time BEFORE your story is live, but NOT after.
Outfit – Unless you specify otherwise in the script (@CHARACTER changes into OUTFIT) this is what your character wears.
Tap “Outfit” to design new outfits. Then select each item of clothing you’d like.
Hair – select your character’s hairstyle.
Face – This is a variety of facial shapes. Male characters MUST have “Guy” faces.
Eyes – Pick your character’s eye shape. Male characters MUST have “Guy” eyes.
Mouth – this is the shape and color of your character’s mouth.
Displayed Name – this is what readers will see on this character’s dialogue boxes.Great! Create your first few characters, then head back to the portal and select your story to start writing it.
Start A New Episode
Head back to the main page for your story.
On the right hand side, tap “Create New Episode”.Add Backdrops
You’ll want to start with a place. Browse our Places Catalog for ideas.
When you’ve found one you like, add its title to the start of your script….

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