We’ve all been thereQuestion 3: Diary entry
Jess POV
Hello diary.
Today was interesting. Very interesting. It started off with me going to work on a bus and asking my boss for a pay rise or even more shifts again. And she said no again. I want to work during the day because I would get better tips. I don’t know how I’m gunna take care of this baby.
The rest of my shift went as usual, serving people, taking peoples orders, up until an old lady came in dripping wet during a storm. She was asking me about my pregnancy. I told her I was 8 months along and she told me I should be at home resting. I know that I should be staying at home but I just can’t. If I was staying home I wouldn’t be getting payed which would mean my rent will be even more overdue.
The lady ordered her food, tomato soup. I think her name is Joan and I went over to make it. Once I was finished I brought Joan her food. She started to tell me how when she was driving here, her car tyre got a hole in it and some man drove past and offered to fix it.
She payed for her food and I went to get her change. When I got back to where she was sitting she wasn’t there. On a white napkin with a black pen she wrote, ‘Keep it. We’ve all been there.’ Under the napkin there was $800.00. ?
I went home after my shift was over and told my partner how I got $800.00 as a tip from just one person. He told me how he helped an old lady fix her car tyre in the middle of nowhere and she offered him $20.00 but didn’t take it.
What a busy day!!

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