The Influence of Modern Technology on Society
Don Yates
Ohio University
Writing and Rhetoric I
English 151
Dee Anderson
July 23, 2014
While technology is often described as the most important influence upon society, it remains a subject which has undergone little study. This situation is gradually changing, however, with politicians, sociologists, industrialists and educationalists alike recognizing that technology lies at the very heart of society. Technology advancement is one of the most essential factors for teenagers in the western societies. However, under circumstances not all will be directly involve or share the knowledge of these latest inventions of technology. Due to the enormous development of technologies, this era can also be called the Age of Technology. With the purpose of surviving in the social, education and employment world, technology is becoming the most essential tools. Is it possible to understand a teenagers’ world without internet, mobile phone (especially text messages) and the rest of modern technology? Teenagers and youth nowadays have a life there modern technology dominates their communications.
Teenagers and the younger generation of these days want to help change the world and make it a better and more comfortable place to live. They want to be contributors to the peace, economic reforms, the improvement of public services and many other aspects of the society. For them the best way to contribute to these changes is through the modern technology.
Does it mean youth want to make a huge change on the view of the world there they grew up? Or they just want to split away from the boring norms of the society? Has modern technology made teen lives easier, safer and even more colorful? Or modern technology has made their lives more difficult and more dangerous? The question about the everyday influence of increasing teen and young people number, who are spending extreme amount of time using modern technology;…

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