The future development direction of oil equipment or in the filter link:Someone said that the oil press equipment has become a sign of The Times, in the world of lochia stuff such as cooking oil filled we depend on oil equipment maintained finally healthy oils, but throughout the whole industry will find oil equipment improvement and it is no need to have the invention, no space can be for us to design and progress.Palm oil refinery plant ( equipment design has also met the demand, we but the oil filtering equipment we have been pursuing and exploring.Where there is demand there is exploring, there are unknown there will be hope, filter oil machine don’t recruit people like before the equipment with the upgrading of consumption has become the new darling of The Times.From the original plate and frame filter, vacuum filter, until the rise of the centrifugal filter oil machine, all give it life, but again how generation still couldn’t keep up with the need of our users, centrifugal again good people still hope to be able to reduce the workload, need not frequent cleaning dregs, so the oil separator.Oil press equipment update already meet the demand of people, filter oil machine market is still we explore the development of normal, like a engaged in oil equipment sales boss said, “saturated oil equipment, to the industry to stand again heel will be from the filtration equipment.”Where there is demand there is market, in the development of future oil equipment, vacuum filter ( oil machine component in increased step by step, also the market share in more than oil press equipment, large industry development direction or in filtering the links were found.

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