Screw press as currently the most widely used oil machinery, its has the characteristics of continuous and single machine capacity big, commonly used in high containing oil press and squeeze process at a time.For this purpose, the key to the design of screw press are discussed in this paper, from the Angle of combination of material properties and the mechanical structure, discussed the squeezing of the structure of the design process, mainly from the squeezing properties of material, the design of the vats, bore, squeezer and theory on the aspects of the compression ratio. palm oil mill?,Oil plant production process, will inevitably produce some organic waste gas (VOCs), these gases directly discharged into the atmosphere, will cause pollution to the environment, affect the grease factory work environment.Oil plant at home and abroad through the introduction of VOCs emission status quo, some control measures are put forward, which is of reference to colleagues..draught fan?,Using supercritical CO2 extraction, on-line heat press and solvent extraction production of camellia seed oil, three different processing method by GC – MS analysis of camellia seed oil component.The results show that the three methods of extraction of camellia seed oil physical and chemical indexes meet the national product of tea oil level standard.On-line heating method of cold pressed oil quality is best, at the same time cooperate with supercritical CO2 extraction, and can improve the yield efficiency, a combination of camellia seed oil is the best extraction method.Supercritical CO2 extraction of camellia seed oil, a total of 18 isolated peak, and detect the linolenic acid, other two kinds of methods to detect the palm oleic acid for the first time.Three methods were detected with linoleic acid, but failed to detect a VE and squalene composition.

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