Squeezed oil village lane on the problems existing in the actual operation situation:There are a lot of national funding in shanxi luliang region, some of them have a large number of rapeseed oil or flax acreage, but a lack of food crop production.Basic food guarantee by selling oil crops for food.Under such circumstances, many have thought on the village cadres and to find a way to have a oil press equipment in the palm oil mill (http://www.palmmill.com), set up an oil mill for free to the villagers squeezed charge a small processing charge to make their own hands oil crops to rise.In order to promote the rural rich, this way a surprised to get the support most of the villagers, they all do the canola and til to squeeze in the village, and then into a lot of cooking oil to be unified purchase, in the village to sell again.But this way on some implementation process also has some negative individual problems, such as some of the village there is no money is contracted to individuals, people for the sake of money, they charge farmers leave waste money or cake to act as a processing fee, you know waste cake is more than 1 fast a kilo.And for payment of the villagers in the village, also is the farmers of rapeseed closed to squeeze, the palm oil storage (http://www.palmmill.com/News/20.html) up for sale, but don’t pay money, villagers such as oil bought for free.That’s all funding problems, have no money to pay in the village, and even some bidders also debt.The last risk all let people take.Aiming at the problems above, the governments at all levels and departments should be vigilant, since can’t let to project into the infringement farmers rights and interests of farmers’ income and the behavior of the fruits of their labors.Problems existing in the village oil should be corrected, the superior government should provide interest-free loans or financial support for these factories, that will solve the problem, can resolve contradictions.

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