oil press machinery oil extraction equipmentSS304 fixed grid tray extractor is one of the most advanced,comparing with traditional false bottom type,retain low power,equipments run reliably,long working time,easily to maintain,a big advantage of extracting effect. And also have large output,simple structure, low running breakdown, and advantages of extracting effect. Main characteristic1.It is the most simple type,comparing with present same kind extractor.
2.Use fixed grid tray to replace false bottom,reduce motion structure,so it reduces breakdown ,have a high rate of safely running.
3.It will not halt for cleaning grid tray with the effect of self- cleaning
4.Add extracting material time, reduce oil residue in the meal
5.Add charge coefficient,improving output Process flow:The pretreatment material will be sent to sealed auger in solvent extraction plant by scraper conveyor,the dropped into rotocel extractor. It will be spared by solvent or misella spray to leach, after dry,the wet meal will drop into meal hopper,go through sealed screw conveyor and enter DTDC by scraper screw conveyor.
After desolventizing and drying, we send it to meal warehouse. The miscella after leaching and filtering will flow into miscella tank, then enters to the first long tube evaporator to separate solvent steam,then enters to second long tube evaporator, separating solvent steam again ,and flows into stripping tower to remove solvent residue. The crude oil we get will enter crude oil tank,and pumped to oil refinery workshop.The solvent steam from First and Second long tube evaporator,DTDC,Stripping tower will be lead in condenser to condensate,the liquid condensated.
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