Refined soybean oil back color factors and delay the back color process:
Refined soybean oil products for light yellow color, but in the process of storage, transportation and consumption, color deepening happens, the so-called oil back color phenomenon.This article mainly discusses the internal components may cause oil back to the color of the soybean oil, such as phospholipids, tocopherol, metal ions, and the external factors (such as temperature, light, air) investigation, find out in the process of refining main cause of soybean oil back color, through the adjustment of the refining process, or the improvement of the process conditions to achieve the purpose of slow oil back to the color.Grease color standard measurement method for lowe friends of colorimetric method, but the influence of subjective factors is bigger, the repeatability is poor.threshing station( show that the spectral scanning method can eliminate because of the influence of subjective factors on the determination of soybean oil colour and lustre, the determination results more accurate, precise, can use science to analysis of oil back to the color.
Research was between 400-700 nm absorbance area added value (? SA400 – A700) with lowe friends red value added value (? R) of linear regression equation ? R = 0.0574 ? SA400 – A700, r2 = 0.9388, when SA400 – A700 each increased 1.74 R increased by 0.10.Study in order to compare convenience, setting grease ? R color acuity 0.20 oil back to the color.Study will examine factors added to the oil system, adopts the oven heating method to investigate the influence of factors on the oil back to the color.Results show that the influence on soybean oil color back one of the biggest factors mainly phospholipids, tocopherol and external factors (temperature, light, air), etc.
Soybean powder phospholipids (p) is added 5 mg/kg, heating under 60 ? after 240 h oil color red appreciation on the value of 0.20.Orthogonal…

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