Refined oil equipment is now into the automatic age, this also means that edible oil refining, the pace of the refined oil equipment industry’s development in an all-round way forward
A big step, refined oil equipment manufacturers in henan penguin machinery equipment co., LTD., with industry trends, to walk in the forefront of development of automatic refined oil equipment equipment
Plant refined oil equipment compared with ordinary refined oil equipment, the penguins mechanical oil refined oil equipment has the following advantages:
1: penguin machinery of the refined oil yield efficiency is the highest in the process of equipment in oil refining, compared with other ordinary about higher oil refined oil equipment
5% – 7%, and in the oil feeding out less than two minutes, palm oil mill,?absolute one-off squeeze net, and ordinary refined oil equipment mechanical press 2 to 3 times to complete.
2: penguin machine has multi-function of refined oil equipment, the refined oil equipment can be cold pressed, can also be hot pressing.
3: penguin machinery of refined oil equipment oil oil in edible oil refining process is the best, the refined oil equipment manufacturers of equipment of oil colour and lustre is good
, fragrant, hundreds of meters away can smell the original pure oil fragrance, the fragrance and colour and lustre is far than the ordinary refined oil equipment, slightly processed, qing
Can’t afford the foam net.Really reach the national standard of healthy cooking oil.
4: penguin machinery of refined oil equipment in the oil refining process is also the lowest energy consumption, small power, large output, is smaller than an equal output of old machinery
4 to 6 kw, save electricity 5 degrees per hour, (because you can squeeze net again, palm oil mill,?so save electricity).Daily production can save 50 yuan bills, cost savings for you
5: the province, penguins integration refined oil equipment, automatic…

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