Oil refining equipment manufacturing enterprises, oil refining equipment key promotion enterprise – zhengzhou penguins, grasp core technology enterprises, with independent intellectual property rights, leading the grease
Processing plant, and oil refined oil equipment development trend.Independent production, the development of new oil refining equipment, fundamentally change the oil fang refining process, for each oil
Plant, and oil to provide the best service!palm oil mill

Zhengzhou penguins machinery not only has oil refining equipment production technology patents, also has the appearance of patent, customers look for when buying authentic oil refining equipment “of zhengzhou
Penguin machine “.

Warm reminder: the customers look for when buying oil refining equipment above appearance design, this kind of equipment for authentic brand protection products of the manufacturers, with Jane operation
, strong practicability, and many other advantages, air productprofessional engineers to design power matching guarantee products have adequate power, reminding customers friend, if there is a small workshops according to use small electric
Machine as power, please be cautious, oil refining equipment used must match the corresponding motor, to prevent running out of steam.

Zhengzhou penguins mechanical welcome customers all over the country to the factory and the production of oil refining equipment, to discuss the order with factory.Oil press equipment is our sales the best products, the penguin has a strong market infrastructure, from the current situation to see a good product, you must have a wide range of groups.And it is on this point, the penguins to the forefront of the market, our products all over the country, perhaps the client at the time of consulting, in the customer area have our products, customers can use to check the oil press equipment status, if the customer still don’t believe, you can go to our oil factory…

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