Legalization of Prostitution
In the land of the free and home of the brave, where we the people have decided that the foundation of this nation is built on freedom, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness along with the American Dream. The lands from coast to coast is where opportunity and taking risking merits magna cum laude, except a women whom is of age whose choice of prostitution is shunned when a women is filmed and paid to do sexual acts on camera is accepted? Why in our society that women can have the choice to abort their fetus, but cannot be a prostitute? Similar to prohibition of alcohol, prohibition of prostitute has created problems for prostitutes for the health of well-being, by legalizing prostitution may help the economy increase simply meaning that prohibition is causing more harm than good. What is unfathomable is the fact that in Ancient Rome brothels were legal, but as society has changed, so has whether or not prostitution is a taboo.
The health of Americans have not seem to be a priority until recently, given that our health care isn’t as great as it has the potential could be. A main problem with prostitution is the high risk of spreading of sexual-transmitted diseases (STDs); however in the few counties that Nevada where prostitution is legalized has shown to have less risks and considered safer prostitution than on the streets prostitution. Nevada State sends in doctors to constantly check the health of brothel workers; by creating a system of screening both client and worker it can create a system that decreases the chance of STDs spreading. When a prostitute is on their own terms and not by an aggressive male who may force the prostitute preform sexual acts for money. People may argue the fact that prostitute may be traumatized by sexual acts from clients. However, most people that you walk by on the streets aren’t exactly the paragon of a healthy mentality. Everyday people deal with their own personal demons that sits on the left…

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