Palm stearin one-step alkoxy of the study:
Natural oils is focus on green renewable resources all over the world, except for human consumption, a large number of oil is used as chemical raw materials, widely used in various industrial fields, such as medicine, food, paint, industrial surfactants, etc.This article mainly research in Al – Mg base compound catalytic conditions, on the basis of the complete palm stearin one-step alkoxy reaction.Through the screening of catalysts and process conditions of exploration, one-step method of palm stearin alkoxy reaction are studied;And through chemical method, physical method and biological enzymatic modification, three methods of palm stearin to achieve the goal of lower melting point of palm stearin.
The following conclusions:
(1) through the palm oil plant ( experiment in the palm stearin ethoxylation reaction, the preparation of the five types of push agent, select Al/Mg composites [Al/(Al + Mg) = 0.60] in the reaction catalytic activity can be up to 0.252 g EO/g Cat/min.By FT – IR and ESI – MS analysis, prove that the palm stearin and EO catalyst to open the ester bond of ethoxylation reaction;And saponification value of product and emulsifying performance test to further prove ethoxylation reaction.Study of reaction process, the choice of 160-170 oC as palm stearin better ethoxylation reaction temperature;Found to join thinner, petroleum ether (boiling range 90-120 oC), can significantly improve reactivity;And at the beginning of system pressure, can make the reaction catalytic activity.
(2) for the design of several kinds of catalyst reaction of propylene oxygen radicals, select [Al/(Al + Mg) = 0.50] compound in palm stearin c oxo reaction in PO the highest catalytic activity can reach 0.144 g/g Cat/min.By FT – IR, ESI – MS analysis and saponification value and emulsifying performance test, prove the palm stearin under the effect of catalyst can happen and PO open ester bond c oxygen…

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