Hydrating & Degumming: The Crude Oil firstly is filtered by Filters for removing out mechanical impurities out from, and then has heat-exchange in Heat Exchanger with hot Refined Oil, next is heated by Heater to the appropriate temperature. After being mixed with hot water by Mixer, it is pumped into Hydrating Reactor in which most phospholipids will be hydrated into flocculent Lecithin Gum. By means of Centrifuge ,
the hydrated Lecithin Gum is separated out from oil, and it can be sent to Phospholipid Workshop to be processed further for producing Concentrated Lecithin and De-oiled Lecithin Powder, etc.
Acidifying: After being hydrated and de-gummed, there is still some non-hydratable phospholipids remain in Crude Oil. Adding in appropriate solution of Phosphoric Acid or Citric Acid by Dosing Pump and mixing them by Mixer, the oil is acidified in Acidifying Reactor in which the non-hydratable phospholipids is acidified
into hydratable phospholipids. Neutralizing & Degumming: Adding in appropriate Lye by Dosing Pump and mixing them by Mixer, the oil is pumped into Neutralizing Reactor in the hydratable phospholipids as well as acid are saponified into Soapstock Gum. By means of Centrifuge, the Soapstock is separated out from oil.
Washing: There are residual soapstock still remains in degummed and neutralized oil. Adding Hot Water and mixing
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