Oil flow type choosing type 80 or 60 small oil mill equipment more practical:Floating oil is the emerging industry, especially urban residents love, make they are not out of the house can enjoy the high quality oil pressure, the city and the countryside in our country is the flow oil press equipment, but is a more can guarantee the production of the type 80 or 60 type more practical is a very tangled problem.A lot of new users will meet such problem, we are no exception.The type 80 is more advantage in the production, the output of each hour 200 jins is suitable for palm oil processing plant (http://www.palmmill.com), and experienced a large amount of not delay us too much time, powerful don’t have to worry about feeding too fierce chocked up with oil press equipment.But not convenient is 80 must use three-phase electricity, even changed after two phase electricity production can reduce half, the output of such basic lose advantage.The most important thing is that 80 oil mill equipment is too heavy, mobile operation inconvenient, loading and unloading is more trouble.Type 60 more advantages on the quality of equipment, liquidity is very strong.Even a manual loading and unloading can be quickly, small and exquisite, feeling giving a person is very delicate, smooth out the oil and not back.Determine the threshing station (http://www.palmmill.com/Products/prob/) yield is low, cannot meet the demand of a large number of processing and purchasing, if someone to measure many can delay a lot of time to processing, efficiency is slow.Mobile operation general quantity not many, however, is a single unit of profits for so, so should balance the pros and cons of speaking say 60 model is more suitable for mobile operation.

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