Main Specification: 50-1000T/DIt applies to sunflower seed oil,rice bran oil,corn germ oil,etc.Main Equipment:crystal jar,water-cooled screw chillers,membrane filter press,etc. Details:Dewaxing and defatting by winterization are the procedure of crystallizing the high freezing point waxes during falling of temperature.After degumming,deacidification,bleaching and deodorization,there exists the phenomenon that a small amount of solid fat separates out appearing wadding form in winter for sunflower oil,corn germ oil,rice bran oil,camellia seed oil etal,which influences the appearance and application.So it is necessary to add the winterization procedure in order to avoid the above phenomenon.
Jinxin newly developed oil dewaxing and defatting technology,which is fully computer-controlled,technology advanced and quality stable.Compared with traditional dewaxing and defatting technology added filter aid,the characters of the new technology are as follows:
(1) It is no any filter aid,and the production is environmental protection.
(2) It is easy to filter,and the finished oil yield is high.
(3) The by-production is high purity without filter aid,which can be directly used in the edible wax product without any environment pollution.
(4) High degree automation make the technology be suitable for large-scale industrial production.
Main business:
10-500T/H oil material first cleaning,drying and storage section turn-key project;
100-3000 T/D oil pretreatment, shelling and pre-press workshop turnkey project (soybean hot peeling, bean skin crushing; the soybean extrusion;
High oil contained pre-press cake extrusion, and high oil contained embryos puffed; of direct puffed). Rice bran production line turn-key project;
Leaching workshop turnkey project (Towline extractor, Rotocel extractor, loop type extractor, DTDC separated machine, the full negative pressure evaporation, paraffin wax recovery, leaching workshop degum, phospholipid concentrate);…

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