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OI 365 Week 2 Individual Assignment Intellectual Capital Comparison Paper
OI 365 Week 2 Reflection
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OI 365 Week 3 Individual Assignment Intellectual Capital and Knowledge Management Inventory and Assessment
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OI 365 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment Intellectual Capital Part I Intellectual Capital Portfolio and Knowledge Management Plan
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OI 365 Week 5 Reflection
OI 365 Week 5 Individual Assignment Intellectual Capital———————————————————————————–OI 365 Week 2 Individual Assignment IntellectualFor more course tutorials visit
www.shoptutorial.comSelect an organization with which you are familiar.
Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you compare and contrast types of intellectual capital (IC). Select five of the following IC types:
• Customer capital
• Intellectual property
• Structural capital
• Information technology
• Codified knowledge
• Innovation
• Tacit knowledge
• Human capital
• Intellectual assets
• Research and development
Include the following:
• Identify an example of each IC type.
• Discuss whether each example is an identifiable or unidentifiable asset and explain why.
• Explain how each example could potentially provide value to an organization.
Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.———————————————————————————–OI 365 Week 3 Individual Assignment CapitalFor more course tutorials visit
www.shoptutorial.comYou have been hired as a consultant for Riordan Manufacturing. The company has hired you to do a review of the organization’s current IC and knowledge management (KM), and how it fits into the company’s vision and mission.
Resource: Riordan…

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