Madison Metropolitan School District
Food Service Study
HTT/240 The Madison Metropolitan school District in Madison, Wisconsin has gone through numerous changes throughout the years. The district has grown over the course of those years and this growth has forced the district to make changes in the school lunch program and the way it operates in order to fulfill their obligations to the children within the district that rely on the school lunch program. The district has had to deal with budgetary issues in which there have been monetary gains and losses and well as the political landscape with ever changes rules and new regulations to adhere to the challenges for the district will continue, but there are opportunities even within the scope of their current situation that can and I believe will allow them to adapt and overcome the challenges they face.
There are many opportunities that the Madison Metropolitan School Districts Food service manager can take to improve the efficiency and quality of the lunch program, keeping abreast to the social and economical climate within the district, staying current to any new regulations that affect the planning of menu items as well as the overall operating procedures and budgeting can greatly increase efficiency as well as still being able to provide a nutritious breakfast and lunch within the district. One challenge within the budgetary problems is the opportunity to find, hire, and retain a skilled staff which can be difficult in the current environment, being unable to pay a higher wage inhibits the district from recruiting the skilled talent.
The current political and economic climate that the MMSD face will continue to have an effect on the district; the governmental regulations set in place to combat the childhood obesity problem forcing the district regulate the dietary aspect of the menu which impacts the purchasing of food for the district as well as the way it is prepared, stored and…

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