Write 50- to 150-word responses to each of the following questions. Be clear and concise, use complete sentences, and explain your answers using specific examples.1. Based on Scenario 1, what are the possible sources of food-borne illnessPossible sources of the food-borne illness could be either the potato salad or the hamburgers either of which were mishandled or not cook thoroughly. Leaving the food out for a number of minutes only increases the risk for an illness to occur. He really need some pointers on how to handle food without putting others at risk2. Although Jeremiah did not get sick, there were several areas throughout Jeremiah’s day that could have led him to a serious case of food-borne illness. Point out these areas and briefly explain why they are of concern and what Jeremiah could have done differently.
Leaving the food in the trunk of the car while he in ran into the sporting goods store when he could of went straight home, storing the meat above the potato salad ingredients, meat should always be stored at the bottom of the refrigerator in its own compartment and never above salads. Leaving the food out while he took a shower, when he could of waited and prepared the after he got ready. Cooking the hamburgers to the proper temperature which is not medium. There should be no pink in hamburger meat after cooking.
3. Why is it safe for steak to be pink in the middle, but potentially dangerous for a hamburger not to be cooked all the way throughIt all depends on the cut of the meat. Steak being cut only top and bottom, while cooking it will kill off any bacteria on it. Unlike hamburger which is ground. If there was any bacteria in the meat it would just get mixed up.
Scenario 2:After enjoying a delicious dinner of lasagna, Martha cleaned up the kitchen and left the covered tray of leftover lasagna on the counter to cool. Since the lasagna was so dense and thick, it took about 4 hours for it to feel cool enough to go into the…

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