Generally speaking, there are two flotation process structures for complex lead-zinc sulfide minerals, clinker grinding ball mill namely mixed flotation and preferential flotation.
Mixed flotation consist of full mixed flotation and part of mixed flotation. The full mixed flotation means select copper, lead, zinc, sulfur firstly, then separate respectively them into ore concentrate. Part of mixed flotation means mixed flotation of copper-lead-zinc firstly, then select sulfur; or preferential flotation of copper-lead, vertical milling for sale then mixed flotation of zinc-sulfur and finally separating flotation. The separation index is often depends on the separation degree of zinc and sulfur.
Preferential flotation means a kind of flotation process, is used to separate copper, lead, zinc and sulfur respectively. From the standpoint of flotation process, preferential flotation is more beneficial than mixed flotation. When adopting preferential flotation, after grinding mine, mobile rock crusher pyrite with fresh surface can be inhabited effectively. If adopting mixed flotation, the surface of zinc mineral and pyrite can be absorbed by collecting agent and activating agent, while you must remove collecting agent to inhabit pyrite better when separating zinc and sulfur mineral, which is more difficult than making pyrite with fresh surface inhabited. Thus, preferential flotation is more beneficial for separation of zinc and iron sulfide minerals than mixed flotation. Actually, the substance of lead-zinc mineral flotation is the separation of zinc-lead mineral and pyrite or orpiment iron ore.
Check before using
1. The checking of impact crusher before working is very important, such as check whether there is something in the crushing chamber, so to clean up immediately; check whether the safety device of impact crusher is appropriate, and strength safety in production.
2. Checking whether fastening bolts and other connectors is loose, foundations carrying machine…

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