China is a big grain and oil production, processing power, is also a grain and oil consumption and import and export power, in the world grain and oil production, processing and trade has a pivotal position.Since China’s reform and opening up, especially since entering new century, in order to adapt to our country national economy fast development and constantly improve the level of life of the need, the grain and oil processing industry achieved by leaps and bounds in the development of our country, its development speed and scale of development in the history of our country, and even the world is unprecedented in history.palm oil mill?,Spiral oil press is mainly used in rural and other small workshop, soybean, rapeseed, peanut and other press, but due to various reasons, squeezed the opportunity to appear some fault, we from the screw press some of the problems in use are analyzed.bucket elevator?,6 type low temperature oil press 6 dz dz – 75/1200-75/1200 type low temperature oil mill by shanxi agricultural machinery plants with Ukraine fanshi Exeter LuJieEr company common development, with international advanced level.Compared with the domestic existing oil mill, there is a fundamental difference in on the design concept, can complete within 1 minute of oil transportation, oil, oil and discharge process,In peanut processing and utilization in our country, on the basis of the analysis of peanut processing and utilization abroad, put forward the development of peanut food the direction, explore the peanut processing by-products –, the nutritive value of peanut meal and rationally develop and utilize the way, to increase the speed of development of peanut industry in China to provide theoretical referen

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