Double spiral oil press is studied in vats bore screw parameters and the relationship between the internal pressure.According to the existing entity model of the double screw press squeezer, by building in the bore extract oil of geometric model, using the finite element software ANSYS to squeeze oil within the chamber were analyzed, and concluded in the bore squeeze oil pressure along the squeezer helix to increase, rather than change squeezer axis direction;Squeezer of structure parameters and technological parameters in the process of squeezing in the bore and extract oil pressure are closely linked.palm oil mill?,Corn germ is a by-product of corn starch and alcohol industry, it has a very high nutritional value of the oil, and the refinement can produce high unsaturated fatty acid and vitamin E content of corn oil, and in the process of corn germ processing production, in addition to the maximum extraction of the oil composition, at the same time also will produce deputy products – corn germ meal.Corn germ meal is a kind of high-energy feed, the feed market has a good development prospect.This scheme adopts the advanced process is simple and reliable process technology, at the same time, the system of corn oil production vice – corn germ meal direct product sales, make full use of the value of corn germ.draught fan?,6 type low temperature oil press 6 dz dz – 75/1200-75/1200 type low temperature oil mill by shanxi agricultural machinery plants with Ukraine fanshi Exeter LuJieEr company common development, with international advanced level.Compared with the existing oil mill in our country, there is a fundamental difference in on the design concept, can complete within 1 minute of oil transportation, oil, oil and discharge process, and can be used in the direct squeeze of 32 kinds of oil-bearing crops.Oil product does not require refining, precipitation or filtered.

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