Mysterious, Questionable, Doubts , Debate, Faith , Facts , Theories or Theology. Who is Right? Who is wrong? No matter what method the majority believes to be the truth, there is always a minority with different beliefs of an idea; That leaves room for controversy. The Creation-Evolution Controversy involves a recurring cultural, political, and theological dispute of the Earth of Kusanityof life and of the universe. How did it all begin? Age of the Earth? Who really knows.The common debate is steadily a subject of interest for various reasons, of course Creation is to believe that the world is still very young. They tend to feel that it is only about 6,000 years old; evolutionists claim that the earth is millions, possibly even trillions of year old. Who has proof? Creationists proof is in everything we see and feel. They believe that nothing as amazing as the creation of the human species (and everything else in the world) could not be explained through sheer science theories that it could only have become through the designs of a divine being, one with the powers that are beyond all understanding. Evolutionists claim that we all generated from a tiny molecule and through random processes evoled from specie to specie.
What do you believe? Creationists believe in the faith. A creationist believes that there is no reason to have to prove their ideas of existence. They have been taught not to question the wonders of the unknown but instead that the divine knowledge is not ours to know, because to have faith in a higher power and his words without physical proof is to truly be righteous. Their Mantra is to know God is to know All, to nt have the burden of having to know explanations of such mysteries is to be blessed. Evolutionists believe in facts and theories. They believe in making predictions and trying to provide explanations of why, what, when and how. They believe that everything that is has an explanation and no matter…

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