Vegetable oil is an important consumption of residents’ daily life products, consumption quantity and quality of changes to a certain extent, is the important symbol of the levels of social and economic development.Is one of the traditional vegetable oil producing countries, in China after the founding of the people for a long time, the domestic oil supply is in a state of the basic balance of supply and demand for a long time.Just after the mid – 1990 – s, especially since the 21st century, with stable and rapid development of domestic economy, the residents’ income and consumption levels continue to improve, to include a variety of food, edible oil, improve sexual needs enhancing.
Greatly promoted the development of domestic palm oil mill (http://www,, but there is a corresponding domestic oil production can’t meet demand, must pass the imports, and increased imports to make up the supply gap, in order to guarantee the growth of the consumer.So our country has been stable since the 1990 s as oil net importer (including imported oil folding oil).The rapid growth of the import oil fuel quantity, to meet the demand of domestic consumption is of great importance, especially in cultivated land resources and the serious shortage of water resources in our country, resource constraints on China’s agricultural production under the condition of deepening, imported products of the cultivated land and water.However, should not be ignored is the import impact on relevant domestic industries.
One is affected the domestic oil crops planting.In the 2000 years later, with the increase of import oil fuel quantity, domestic three main oil crops planting area into the long lag period, from 2001 to 2005 in 31 million hectares of the volatility, the main reason is that plant growth is slow, in 2006 and 2006 has fallen dramatically;The second is foreign oil fat processing enterprises rapid expansion in China, and on the actual processing capacity in a strong monopoly….

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