Chp 7: Safety and Health at work
Syarikat Zumaju should have to relate their company to Occupational Safety and Health act. In the case that been given, I understand that Syarikat Zumaju has not conduct any OSHA meeting since 5 months ago. Deservedly, a company should conduct this kind of meeting every 2 months to make the workplace safe and also the company have to make a safety check within the organization workplace to keep the worker safe from any circumstances/hazards. Syarikat Zumaju has to responsible for their worker by giving the training/speech of safety programmes including supervision of workers as well as carrying out activities to monitor and remove safety hazards. Also, due to the many workers had not attended any safety training and thus they are not aware to any safety policy. Also, many workers did not use any safety gear such as gloves, jacket, and helmet during the duty. In addition, many worker had been working maximum overtime contribute to stress at workplace caused by excessively long working hours and frequently taking night shift workplace. We must know OSHA recommend creating a workplace as safe and healthy because stressful workplace is not a healthy workplace .
To ensure the success of the safety program at work, careful planning, according to the work to be done systematically. Safety program consists of the following steps:-.• Identify and establish worker safety program management organization.
• Assesses risk affect safety of workers
• Implement risk control in workplace.
• Review, evaluate and improve employee safety system gradually.

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