Browning and its control measures in the manufacturing process of fruits and vegetables:
This paper discussed the Browning of fruit and vegetable processing factors, namely enzymatic Browning and non enzymatic Browning.Former refers to the polyphenol oxidase (PPO) and peroxidase (POD) cause discoloration;The latter mainly refers to Maillard Browning (Maillard reaction, the threshing station( caramelization reaction (Cara melization) caused by Browning, ascorbic acid (AsA) oxidation discoloration and phenolic compounds automatic oxidation discoloration and other factors.
Benzo (a) pyrene is one of the three big strong carcinogens, grease in the process of machining vulnerability to pollution.Vegetable oil in the process of benzene and possible sources of (a) pyrene, from two aspects of the prevention and removal of benzo (a) pyrene elaborates the control measures, and to avoid benzo (a) pyrene produced by new technology is prospected, in order to provide help for further research.
Control Browning in palm oil processing plant ( discussed in detail the measures, namely the physical measures: heat treatment, low temperature processing, packaging, such as high pressure processing method;Biological technology measures: variety selection and genetic engineering improvement, apply honey processing, plant extract processing and processing method such as enzyme preparation;Chemical measures: addition of organic acid (pH) reduction, chelating agent, SO2 or sulfite, salt, ascorbic acid, and the application of other reagent combination method.Expounds the fruit Browning control measures of application situation and prospects for development, compares the several control measures of Browning, point out that physical measures is safer than other measures, but should be a variety of integrated application of physical measures, a more ideal result can be achieved.

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