Millet bran is a rich nutrition in the manufacturing process of millet, a deputy products yield considerable.In the millet program of the process, not only can realize the effective use of agricultural and sideline products, reduce the waste of agricultural production, still can make the farmers’ income, improve people’s living standard.Studies have shown that the millet bran oil is not only high nutritious value, also have medicinal value, is to add oil.
In order to realize the industrialization of the bran malaysian palm oil production process (, this research adopts the petroleum ether extraction bran, at room temperature for bran oil.Discussed the extraction time, extraction temperature and the proportion of petroleum ether, chaff three factors affect bran oil extraction yield.Determine the optimum process conditions of bran oil extraction at room temperature for leaching time 4 h, solvent to material ratio 4:1.Bullishness of chromatography mass spectrometry analysis of the measured bran oil main contains linoleic acid, fatty acid followed by oleic acid.By bran oil with high temperature under the condition of soxhlet extraction comparison, we found that the room temperature extraction bran oil contains less free fatty acids, lower peroxide value, the content of lecithin is very few, this will reduce the difficulty of oil refining process, also is advantageous to the oil storage stability.
By gas chromatography and mass spectrometry of normal temperature to extract bran oil was found to contain more unsaturated compounds.The experiment table Ming petroleum ether extraction bran at room temperature for bran oil is feasible.At the same time, because of bran in the process of palm oil storage(, more prone to oxidative rancidity, reduce the use of bran value.
This study discusses the use of microwave heating stabilizing bran chaff valley to achieve long term storage method.Based on…

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