A key operation of tea seed oil refining equipment to extract oil health!
The essence of tea seed oil refining equipment, tea seed oil processing equipment, tea seed oil refining equipment, tea seed oil press equipment processing before cooking oil and oil leaching model is completely different.
Leaching method mainly using chemical solvent spray and oil contact reaction makes the oil in the oil is extracted a pattern, although the method, oil kind of have a meal of the advantages of low residual oil, low labor intensity, but parts of the chemical production can lead to oil natural Mechanical oil extraction (http://www.palmmill.com/News/145.html)ingredients are destroyed;Now the essence of tea seed oil refining equipment mainly by using the principle of physics, by squeezing force oil essence can completely, no pollution were separated from the oil;Although on the two take grease is slightly lower than the leaching method, but the extract oil can keep the original raw materials, retain various nourishment composition, without any additives can keep the color, aroma, taste is complete, do not contain solvent residue and soap content,palm oil plant (http://www.palmmill.com) is a modern technology combined with the traditional process of green pollution-free extraction method.
Tea seed oil press equipment mainly USES the push button operation, the operator need to experience just after the oil into the pressing chamber work gently push button, the machine can be squeezed, convenient and quick.
If you want to be a simple operation, high yield efficiency, and the price is not expensive tea seed oil press equipment, grain and oil machinery to zhengzhou penguins, here can meet your requirement for equipment.

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