Lilia Nikoomanzar
Mrs. Enright
Coat of Arms
A personal Coat of Arms is something that reflects one’s background and personality. A Coat of Arms always requires charges, fields, side figures, a motto, a crest, and a shield for the base. However small or insignificant object on it may seem, practically everything on it has some sort of meaning about the individual. The Coat of Arms I have created is designated to tell things about me others may or may not know.
My first charge is a flower, more specifically a rose. This stands for purity of heart, such as never keeping a harmful secret and always helping others whether they are people you know and love, or people you have never seen or despise. My second charge is of a rabbit, symbolizing my absolute love for animals. The reason my second charge is a rabbit and not any other animal is because we have recently added two new rabbits to our delightful family. I believe this charge applies to me the most out of the four because of my previous count of numerous animals ranging as small as a hamster to as immense as a Golden Retriever. My charge of a Griffin stands for honesty and integrity. This applies to someone who rarely lies and tries not to jump to sudden conclusions without all the facts. Lastly, I choose to show my bravery by representing a sword as my fourth and final charge. This represents standing up for something you are frightened of, and doing something for the benefit of not only one’s self but for the benefit of others as well.
My two adjacent side figures are of two canines holding up the shield together, leading to their meaning of one’s strong belief in friendship. To me, the three most important things in life are love, family, and friendship. Friends are what keep us from loneliness and help to lift your spirit no matter what the occasion may be. My uppermost crest represents taking responsibility for one’s actions. It symbolizes not letting others take blame for your…

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