This survey was conducted in the community of Staten Island. a. k. a. Richmond county is one of the five boroughs of New York City. The purpose of this study was to obtain a full appraisal through ocular observations within the milieus of the community. There are many fluctuations of the definition of community. recent nursing literature addresses the construct of community by “identifying four specifying properties: people. topographic point. interaction. and common features. involvements. or ends. Uniting thoughts and constructs. in this text. community is seen as a group or aggregation of locality-based persons. interacting in societal units and sharing common involvements. features. values. and/or ends. ” Maurer and Smith ( 2009 ) Staten Island. is located in the southwest portion of New York. merely across New Jersey. and it is largely considered a suburban community.

Harmonizing to the 2012 U. S Census Bureau. Staten Island has a population of 470. 467 and the bulk of its dwellers are white of non-Hispanic beginning 63. 6 % . 17. 7 % are Hispanic. African American 11. 6 % . Staten Island is separated between the “North shore” and “South Shore. ” The Northern portion of Staten Island is the more urban country. as it becomes closer in propinquity to New York City. the Staten Island ferry is located in this country. Here is where you will happen more people walking. using public transit. little side streets such as NYC has and much more activity than the bulk of Staten island. The Southern portion of Staten Island. which was one time made up of chiefly farming area. is now largely suburban.

Community verve:
The community of Eltingville is what this study will be chiefly focused on. This community is considered to be a preponderantly working. in-between category vicinity with people runing from kids. adolescents. immature. and older grownups. Majority of the population is white. non Hispanic. However harmonizing to the NYTimes. “Young Israel of Eltingville. an Orthodox fold. has been turning quickly in the last few old ages and this summer welcomed a new rabbi. Azriel Blumberg. and his household. who moved here from Queens. ” ( Fioravante. 2003. ) The town is little with a batch of activity due to a popular train halt and multiple coach Michigans right outside of the train station. Observed at the transit Michigans were immature adolescents heading to or from school. working grownups in concern garb. or Latino males and females. Another observation I noticed were the females were seen either dropping off their childs to school. or running errands.

Throughout the hebdomad I continued to detect younger grownups. who were walking. exerting or on their manner to work ; Most people seemed to be in a haste. or on a mission to acquire things done this portrayed an unfriendliness. Although looking unfriendly. when you would walk into the local Italian food shop. bagel shop or pharmaceutics everyone seemed to cognize eachother and were seen discoursing in a friendly mode. During the twenty-four hours a few senior grownups were seen in the country transporting some food markets. forcing babe passenger cars. Many appeared to be in good wellness. except the fact that some walked with the aid of Walkers or canes. The overall population appeared to be in good wellness. although some of them either smoked or they seemed to be either fleshy or corpulent. Indexs of societal and economic conditions:

The houses in this country are good maintained. largely individual household places ; there are no public lodging installations nor mills in this country ; there were a few shopping place. a major supermarket and multiple food shop and meatmans. a few eating houses. a public simple school. assorted churches ( Lutheran. Catholic. a temple. and Muslim ) ; public transit was readily available along the chief streets for people to transpose. Every house seemed to hold a auto in the private road every bit good as on the street. non many forward sale marks or abandoned places. A few immigrant labourers were seen garnering in groups near the chief streets waiting for transit. and or occupation offers. Health resources:

There are several private medical and dental offices. a twosome of well-known pharmaceuticss. and a few pressing attention centres ; there are no nursing places or rehab centres in the town but they are nearby. Among the medical installations were mental wellness centres. chiropractors. Radiology centre. skin doctors. Many of the offices were old houses made into an office. which makes it look more personal. and contributes to better quality attention. There was besides a big YMCA in the centre of the town with exercise installation. swimming pool. resort area. path and a preschool ; which appeared to be busy at assorted times of the twenty-four hours. Following to the YMCA was an extra edifice. which is a drug reding installation. It is free to those whom seek intervention for their dependence. Environmental conditions related to wellness:

The roads and streets seemed to be good maintained. with merely a few chuckholes on the chief roads. at that place legion traffic visible radiations. signals and crossings ; there is a big park with a beach country. where households meet to bask relaxation and quality clip with their childs. friends and loved 1s. Although a pretty clean and safe town I do hold to observe that the old Fresh Kills landfill is nearby. and although it closed several old ages ago. it still represents a serious wellness jeopardy for the island-dwellers. They are reconstructing portion of the land to turn into a big park and recreational country. building can be seen at that place on a day-to-day footing. nevertheless I can’t aid to be disturbed by the fact that this is known to be a risky country and can non see me leting my household to play at that place. Social operation:

Neighbors are seen outside their places chew the fating and offering a assisting manus. Families were seen socialising with each one another. go toing local churches. every bit good as the local temple. kids were playing on the residential streets under a alert oculus of their parents or grandparents ; there was a sense of pride noted among the occupants. and people from different cultural backgrounds were seen interacting with each other without favoritism. Attitude toward health care:

The country seemed to hold several wellness resources available throughout the community. Majority are household physicians. which have likely been involved in the community for old ages. The general population of the community appears to be healthy. and concerned about their wellness. I believe the handiness of the YMCA within the direct community contributes greatly to the wellness of the people within the community. It is a convenient plus to the vicinity. schooling. day care. athleticss and diversion. I do non remember detecting many corpulent people. a batch of physical activity was observed. whether it were walking their pets. playing with kids. working in the pace. etc. Although. I do remember seeing rather a spot of tobacco users. particularly in the shopping centres. which is a major wellness concern for many grounds.

There are non any bars located in the country hence. non many alkies observed. Decision: The community observed seemed to hold good educated. in-between category members. many appeared to be concerned with their wellness. Although. there is ever room for instruction. most people do non understand the existent long term affects of certain medical conditions and how to keep wellness. Therefor. regardless of visual aspect. it is important to farther reference any jobs. and to educate the public sing wellness care and disease direction. in order to forestall disease and maintain optimum wellness.

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