The concluding presentation of the semester taught me a batch about fracking and the issues associated with it. Fracking is a procedure in which liquid mixed with sand and chemicals get injected resistance at a high force per unit area into a wellbore to do it easier to pull out the gas and oil which we use every twenty-four hours. Fracking is controversial because while there are many economic benefits to it. there are besides many environmental concerns that come along with it. I believe the environmental concerns outweigh the economic benefits and fracking should non be allowed to take topographic point anyplace in the state. We have adequate environmental jobs without holding to worry about the affects fracking has on the environment.

The economic benefits of fracking include the high sums of hydrocarbons that would non otherwise be easy extracted from the land. Extracting these can take to oil monetary values decreasing in the long tally and a higher supply of domestic fuel. Without fracking. about 45 % of natural gas that we get domestically will be unachievable. While these benefits seem highly promising. the environmental issues fracking causes are excessively lay waste toing for it to be allowed.

Environmental effects of fracking are contaminated H2O. increased air pollution. millions of gallons of otiose H2O used in the procedure of fracking. and radiation in countries of fracking. All of these cause major wellness issues and potentially kill people populating in countries where fracking exists. Farms and farm animal get wiped out in countries with fracking every bit good. Peoples get straight negatively impacted from fracking and the economic benefits do non do up for lives being destroyed. New York presently does non let fracking and probably will non in the close hereafter.

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