Renowned as the Food Paradise. people all over the universe semen to Hong Kong for the nutrient here. This decidedly creates tonss of economic sciences benefits for Hong Kong. However. this makes the job of nutrient waste of all time more serious. As mentioned by the Environmental Protection Department. “In recent old ages. the sum of nutrient waste originating from the C & A ; I sectors has increased steadily: from less than 400 metric tons per twenty-four hours in 2002 to over 800 metric tons per twenty-four hours in 2012. ( Environmental Protection Department ) ”The Green Power besides indicates “Among the one-year 3. 500 metric tons of nutrient waste in Hong Kong. 70 % is domestic nutrient waste and the staying 30 % is industrial waste. In fact. the volume of municipal solid waste has declined somewhat. by 0. 3 % from 2008 to 2011. Yet. the volume of nutrient waste has increased by 20 % . ( Green Power. 2013 ) . Not merely does Hong Kong face the job. but besides states all over the universe. It is of paramount importance for our authorities to set more attempt on work outing the job. Therefore. in this essay. I will be foremost discoursing the drawbacks brought by bring forthing excessively much remnant and terminal by proposing some executable solutions on different instruction work. the nutrient recycling strategy every bit good as the waste disposal charge strategy.

Drawbacks brought by nutrient watse
Generating excessively much nutrient is decidedly harmful for our metropolis as there are many disadvantages brought by the job of nutrient waste. We shall ne’er lose sight of the disadvantages brought by bring forthing excessively much nutrient waste. Now. I will be discoursing one of the drawbacks brought by nutrient waste.

We must all admit that the landfill in Hong Kong is traveling to be full. “At present. Hong Kong relies entirely on landfills for MSW disposal. Despite the conjunct attempts to cut down. reuse and recycle. about 9000 metric tons of MSW are still discarded in the landfills every twenty-four hours ” ( HKEPD. 2010 ) . “It is expected that the current three strategic landfills in Hong Kong. viz. South East New Territories ( SENT ) . North East New Territories ( NENT ) . and West New Territories ( WENT ) . will make their maximal capacities in 2015. 2017. and 2019. severally ” ( Kok Sin Woon. 2013 ) .

The increasing figure of nutrient waste put a heavy load on Hong Kong’s limited landfills. More than that. it is harming the environment. “The current pattern of disposing of biodegradable nutrient waste at landfills is non sustainable and is environmentally unwanted as it depletes the limited landfill infinite. creates odour nuisance. generates leachate and landfill gases that require farther extenuation steps to cover with. and squanders the utile organic contents. ( Environmental Protection Department ) ” With more and more nutrient waste in Hong Kong. the landfills are traveling to be full in the coming few old ages and this will besides damage the environment. Therefore. we should believe about some solutions to get the better of the job.

Response to the nutrient waste job. the other members from the society can set attempts in bettering the state of affairs while the authorities can be the biggest facilitator. In the undermentioned portion. the possible solution will be in three facets and they are the instruction work. the food-recycling strategy and the waste disposal charge strategy.

Education and publication are ever the best ways to work out jobs. We can undertake the job by furthering citizens the importance of prizing nutrient. As parents of kids. they have immense influence on the behavior of their kids. “Most old surveies have shown a modest correlativity between the parents’ degrees of activity and the child’s activity. We found grounds of a slightly larger influence of parents. the consequence of their activity degrees being peculiarly striking in households in which both parents were active. ” ( MPH Lynn L. Moore. 1990 ) Therefore. parents can be a good theoretical account of their kids in order to promote their kids to complete the whole set of repast everyday so that their kids can set up a good wont of non blowing nutrient. In long term. the behavior of blowing nutrient can be reduced as parents make an attempt on set uping the moral value in their children’s head.

Apart from parents. the school can besides better the state of affairs by turn outing some first-hand experiences for pupils to larn. I believe that the hungriness repast will be a really good manner of experience for pupils. Actually. hunger repast is an activity foremost done by the Oxfam Hong Kong. They organize this sort of activity because they want to supply “a manner to experience. through one’s ain tummy. the immense spread between hapless. hungry people and rich. well-nourished people. ” ( Oxfam Hong Kong ) “Student and instructors can put their ain fundraising marks. Contributions will be used in Oxfam Hong Kong’s undertakings around the universe.

Oxfam can besides set up representatives to give a talk on “Hunger and Poverty” during your school’s Oxfam Hunger Lunch event. to assist pupils larn more about hungriness and poorness. ” ( Oxfam Hong Kong ) Therefore. schools can seek to coorperate with the Oxfam Hong Kong. some smililar activities or form negotiations on the subject of nutrient watse and nutrient recycling to advance the importance of trasuring nutrient in school. More than that. school can besides raise students’ awearness by competitions. School can keep competitions like picture devising. menu planing or cooking competition for pupils on the subject of prizing nutrient. Students can decidedly larn to cut down nutrient watse by take parting in the activities.

In add-on. publication is another instruction work that makes a large difference in people’s life. “He supports his side by explicating the media concern and the corporate giants who control every second of airplay and the thought that advertisement which is displayed by the corporate giants are non to inform society but to carry them to believe a certain manner and make a certain thing. ” ( Lyons. 2011 ) So. the authorities can set more effeort advancing the thought of cut downing waste at beginning through Television advertiments. postings or streamers. For illustration. the authorities can post the bing “Don’t be a Large Wastrel: posting in more estates of Hong Kong. More than that. they might do some Television aadvertisement stating people to fix suited measure of nutrient in every repast or to fix a shopping list when they are purchasing nutrient. This can decidedly reminds people to tresure nutrient and to cut down nutrient at beginning. Other than the authorities. the concern setcor can besides assist the state of affairs. For illustration. more eating houses can fall in the “Less Rice for $ 1 Less” compaign. which is a compaign organized by Greeners Action. that allows clients $ 1 dollars discout when they order their repast with less rice. This can supply economic inducements for people to cut down nutrient waste and carry them to prize nutrient.

Puting more attempt in educating citizens the importance of prizing nutrient is decidedly an executable soluion to alleviate the nutrient waste job. On the other manus. the nutrient recycling strategy is besides a possible solution.

The nutrient waste can be recycled in two ways. The first manner is to utilize the remnant from hotels and eating houses to donate nutrient for the needy. Actually. “there are presently 25 non-profit organisations in Hong Kong advancing nutrient recycling” ( Green Power. 2013 ) “Based on the nutrient recycling organisations and locations. it is estimated that 200kg of nutrient can be collected day-to-day per organisation. In other words. 5 metric tons of nutrient can be collected daily. which amounts to 0. 14 % of entire nutrient waste. ” ( Green Power. 2013 ) The organisations believe that “Much of the discarded comestible nutrient can profit those who are populating in poorness and facing hungriness everyday. ” ( Food For Good ) If the authorities can offer more fiscal aid to the organisation or the authorities tries to implement a nutrient contribution strategy. more and more comestible nutrient can be used for assisting the needy and this can decidedly assist in cut downing nutrient waste every bit good.

The 2nd manner is that “food waste can be recycled as compost merchandises and fresh fish. ” ( Green Power. 2013 ) Take Taipei as an illustration. “Food waste is farther classified as “raw nutrient waste” and “cooked nutrient waste” . “Raw nutrient waste” refers to blow like uncooked veggies and fruit teguments that can be used as compost merchandises ; while “Cooked Food Waste” refers to cooked nutrient such as leftovers that can be used as fresh fish. ” ( Green Power. 2013 ) If the authorities follow the footfall of Taipei and seek to develop a nutrient waste recycling system. the sum of nutrient waste adding force per unit area to the landfills will be reduced.

The illustration of the Group’s K11 Art Mall has proved that the food-recycling strategy is executable and effectual. “The Group’s K11 Art Mall has launched the K11 Multicultural Living District – Food Waste Recycling Scheme. promoting renters of the promenade every bit good as nearby eating houses to implement beginning separation of nutrient waste under which K11 centralizes the aggregation of nutrient waste and sends to nutrient waste recyclers for treating into carnal feedstock. After the three-month test period. nutrient waste from take parting eating houses showed a 15 % decrease. ” ( New World Development Company Limited ) Therefore. the authorities should do the food-recycling strategy mandatary in order to better the nutrient waste job.

Another executable solution is that the authorities can assist to work out the job by implementing the waste disposal charge strategy. “The Waste Disposal Charge System levis the charges needed for managing those wastes on makers and importers of the goods/ materials/containers which are hard to recycle and are susceptible to harmful substances and issues in the procedure of waste direction so as to control the coevals of farther wastes and prevent otiose resources. ” ( Korean Enviroment Corporation ) By bear downing citizens and companies for bring forthing excessively much waste can move as an economic inducements to them to cut down nutrient waste.

“Based on the experiences of South Korea and Taipei. one time a quantity-based charging system is imposed on waste. nutrient waste can be farther reduced by tierce to half. The consequence is obvious. ” ( Green Power. 2013 ) We can see that the watse dispocal charge strategy can efficaciously assist to cut down the sum of nutrient waste. More than that. “A combined disposal revenue enhancement and recycle subsidy can supply signals for an efficient degree of wastes disposal and has advantages over unit-based pricing in some state of affairss. ” ( Dinan. 2002 ) Therefore. the authorities can besides supply subsidies for those who recycle nutrient. This can promote citizens and companies to recycle nutrient and green goods less waste and to cultivate citizens’ wonts of cut downing waste.

The above three solutions can non make at that place ultimate effectivity without the concerted attempts by the whole society. As a consequence. the authorities. as the leader of our metropolis. should be the biggest facilitator to promote the metropolis to cut down nutrient waste by supplying aid financially and implementing policies.

The job of nutrient waste is going more and more serious in Hong Kong which is seting a immense load on the capacity of the landfills in Hong Kong. By the connection attempts of the members from our society. the job can decidedly be relieved. Parents. schools and the authorities can do more attempts on instruction work. The authorities can give a assisting manus to the organisations that work on food- recycling and develop a comprehensive waste disposal charge strategy. Last. it is of paramount importance that people in the metropolis bear in head that the most powerful and effectual manner to better the job is to cut down waste as beginning which means people think before they eat and save nutrient.


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