Cozy Cafe’ is determined to go a day-to-day necessity for local java nuts. a topographic point to dream of as you try to get away the day-to-day emphasiss of life and merely a comfy topographic point to run into your friends or to read a book. all in one. With the turning demand for high-quality epicure java and great service. Cozy Cafe’ will capitalise on its propinquity to the University of Perpetual Help – Jonelta campus to construct a nucleus group of repetition clients. Cozy Cafe’ will offer its clients the best prepared java in the country that will be complimented with pastries. every bit good as free books that its frequenters can read to bask their visit. The company will run a 2. 300 square pes java saloon within a walking distance from the University of Perpetual Help – Jonelta campus.

The proprietors have secured this location through a three-year rental with an option for widening. They have besides provided php6. 187. 930 of the needed php7. 513. 915 start-up financess. The staying capital will be obtained through Bank of Philippines commercial loans. The company is expected to turn gross revenues gross from php25. 812. 508 in FY2015 to php31. 204. 847 in twelvemonth three. As Cozy Cafe’ will endeavor to keep a 65 % gross net income border and sensible operating disbursals. it will see net net incomes grow from php4. 419. 950 to php5. 524. 937 during the same period.

1. Become selected as the “Best New Coffee Bar in the area” by the local eating house usher. 2. Turn the net incomes from the 1st month of operation.
3. Keep a 65 % gross border. Keys to success:
1. Shop design that will be both visually attractive to clients. and designed for fast and efficient operations

2. Employee developing to see the best java readying techniques.

3. Selling schemes aimed to construct a solid base of loyal clients. every bit good as maximising the gross revenues of high border merchandises. such as espresso drinks.

D. Major Assumption.

Cozy Cafe’ will do its best attempt to make a alone topographic point where clients can socialise with each other in a comfy and restful environment while basking the best brewed java or espresso and pastries in town. We will be in the concern of assisting our clients to alleviate their day-to-day emphasiss by supplying piece of head through great atmosphere. convenient location. friendly client service. and merchandises of systematically high quality. Cozy Cafe’ will put its net incomes to increase the employee satisfaction while supplying stable return to its stockholders.

Chapter 2: General Information

A. Management of the undertaking.


At Cozy Cafe’ . we’re all about acquiring people together and basking each other’s company. We believe that what we do can weave a cloth of positive relationships and experiences that stretch from our java houses and out into the universe.

Our Vision

Better the lives of our invitee

Support the communities we serve

Promote our common humanity


We want to be a welcoming. soothing presence in every community we serve and anyplace else we happen to demo up. We know our invitees have a pick — and we ne’er want them to experience less than particular.

Our Mission

“OUR MISSION is to function everyone better than anyone else. ”

B. Organizational Structure.

1. The Cozy Cafe is owned by David N. Patton IV. Mr. Patton who will besides run as general manager/managing spouse. 2. An extra director ( to be hired ) will help in keeping and reexamining operations of the eating house and the amusement venue/bar. 3. A chef ( to be hired ) will pull off kitchen operations and be important to keeping nutrient stock list stableness and aid in bill of fare development. 4. An adjunct manager/senior waiter ( to be hired ) who will be a salaried employee will supply regular table service every bit good as aid to the director and the general director. Four

5. A sous-chef/line cook ( to be hired ) will execute secondary direction maps in the kitchen every bit good as provide aid to the chef in chief kitchen/cooking maps. 6. Part-time forces will be hired to manage bartending. functioning. and dishwashing maps. 7. The selling and accounting map will be handled by independent contractors/consultants. C. Recruitment Program.

The followers are the different ways of recruiting of the Cozy Cafe’ : Online advertisement and Job poster.
Website advertisement ( hypertext transfer protocol: //www. cozycafe. com/employment. html/ ) D. Benefits. Socializing

Other than the obvious promise of free Wi-Fi and in most topographic points. no coercion to purchasing a drink to remain. it can be used as a topographic point to run into new people. In an unfastened environment like Starbucks. you about feel like you’re portion of the same group ; no 1 will jeer at the cat striking up conversation.

I’m non stating you’re traveling to organize full societal circles that roam local Starbucks looking to spread out their territorial packs. but don’t be afraid to mix with both males and females who enjoy patronizing the same locations as you.

Encourages productiveness

In my instance. I joke with my friends that I use Cozy Cafe’ to look as the soulful. anguished author who is merely seeking to do his name in the universe. Absurd imagination or non. I can’t lie and say that I don’t experience queerly empowered when I have my laptop out at Cozy Cafe’ . typing furiously to bring forth a new article. while at the same time quaffing down my Grande Green Tea Frappuccino with a H2O cup on the side. The environmental alteration of merely non working from the usual topographic points lends you the encouragement to churn out stuff.

Makes you feel more unfastened with friends

My favourite side consequence of the java store experience has to be the bond between friends that it seems to beef up. One of my now closest brothers. my wise man. true wasn’t excessively chummy with me until a small over a twelvemonth ago. Certain. we had the same common friends. played the same athleticss. shared some common involvements. but it truly wasn’t until one twenty-four hours we spontaneously decided on heading to Cozy Cafe’ to make homework that we

We didn’t program on speaking about doctrine. concern. adult females. etc. After all. none of these topics were of all time touched upon until we set foot into our first Cozy Cafe’ meet-up. But adult male. once we sat down. we knew we were on to a new ritual that demanded to be respected at least hebdomadal. Without this ritual. we’d go insane.

Chapter 3: Selling Aspects

A. Market Study.

Philippines java ingestion has shown steady growing. with gourmet java holding the strongest growing. Coffee drinkers in the Pacific Southest are one among the most demanding 1s. They favor well-brewed gourmet java drinks and demand great service. Binan. UPHS. with its broad and outgoing public and long showery yearss. has traditionally been a great topographic point for java constitutions. Cozy Cafe’ will endeavor to construct a loyal client base by offering a great savoring java in a restful environment of its java saloon located near to the hustling University of Perpetual Help – Jonelta campus.

B. Market Segmentation.

Java Culture will concentrate its selling activities on making the University pupils and module. people working in offices located near to the java saloon and on sophisticated adolescents. Our market research shows that these are the client groups that are most likely to purchase gourmet java merchandises. Since gourmet java ingestion is cosmopolitan across different income classs and largely depends on the degree of higher instruction. propinquity to the University of Oregon campus will supply entree to the targeted client audience. The chart and table below outline the entire market potency ( in figure of clients ) of epicure java drinkers in Binan. UPHS.

C. Target Market Segment Strategy.

Cozy Cafe’ will provide to people who want to acquire their day-to-day cup of great-tasting java in a relaxing atmosphere. Such clients vary in age. although our location near to the University campus means that most of our patronage will be college pupils and module. Our market research shows that these are spoting clients that gravitate towards better savoring java. Furthermore. a batch of college pupils consider java bars to be a convenient perusal or meeting location. where they can read or run into with equals without the necessity to pay screen charges. For us. this will supply a alone possibility for constructing a loyal client base.

D. SWOT Analysis.

Chapter 4: Technical Aspects

A. Merchandise and Services.


The Coffee Warehouse will transport a assortment of quality merchandises that will enable us to supply full service bringing to espresso bases and java houses. Our implicit in doctrine in choosing merchandises is to take lines that will convey consistent quality. competitory monetary values. and merchandise satisfaction to our clients. We have personally researched and sampled each of the undermentioned merchandises that we offer to guarantee the quality we guarantee.

Lowery’s Gourmet Whole Bean and Wired Willey’s White Coffee
Assorted Gourmet Syrups & A ; Coffee Toppings
Chocolate. White Chocolate and Caramel Syrups/Sauces
Oregon Chai Concentrate
Jet Cafe and Jet Tea Fruit n’ Tea Freeze
Cappuccina line of merchandise
Large Train line of merchandise
Red Bull Energy Drinks
Good Cow Concentrated Milk with Custom Dispensing Equipment
Fresh Baked Goods
Assortment of White. Pre-printed Paper. and Clear Beverage Cups Systems – every bit good as an mixture of other paper supplies

At this clip. the bulk of these merchandises are merely available to clients through sweeping sellers such as Cash and Carry retail mercantile establishments – therefore it is the customer’s duty to get these merchandises by their ain agencies. The Coffee Warehouse will do these same merchandises available through our high quality. full service bringing – conveying these merchandises straight to their doorsill at a competitory monetary value.


An of import constituent of our concern is non merely our merchandises. but our service. In add-on to our full service bringing. the followers are other of import service elements that we will offer to our clients:

Ideas to assist our clients increase gross revenues through bill of fare development. originative publicities. co-op advertisement. and much more. Custom designed marketing stuff such as printed streamers. promotional postings. clout cards. pre-purchased drink cards. reader boards. etc. Distribute a monthly newssheet having the latest java tendencies. new industry equipment. interrupting trade intelligence. promotional thoughts. new originative formulas. and approaching events. Samples of the latest merchandise releases – with attention-getting point-of-sale to publicize new points to the terminal consumer. Everyday equipment care and preparation.

B. Business Schedule.

C. Morales National Highway | Binan. Laguna
Telephone: 515-270-8000

6am-9:00pm Mon-Thu | 6am-10:00pm Fri & A ; Sat | 7am-8pm Sun

Breakfast is served…

DRIVE-UP. Catering and CARRYOUT available

C. Uniform.

D. Utilities.

The Utilities needed for the operation is the followers:

25. 000 avg electrical ( 3 ac unit. multi electric refrigerators. warmers and tonss of equipment )
?900 avg water/sewage.
?6. 700 overseas telegram concern cyberspace.
?2. 300 VOIP phone

E. Waste Disposal.

As one of many companies in the foodservice concern. we continue our committedness to take the full industry toward greater entree to recycling for cups and other packaging. Ultimately we want our cups to be reclaimable in both stuff and pattern. so that our clients have entree to recycling services wherever they choose to dispose of their cups.

This twelvemonth we will put a end to implement front-of-store recycling for clients. When that clip Cozy Cafe’ has implemented recycling in more than a twelve markets and established relationships with several municipalities to spread out their credence of stuffs produced by Cozy Cafe’ and the foodservice industry in local recycling systems.

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